Over 95% of all cards and devices in Canada are now chip-enabled. Since chip-enabled cards were introduced in 2007, there has been a 63% reduction in debit card fraud claims.

This seems like good news, right?
And it is - but now fraudsters are skimming debit cards in Canada and using them in international countries that have not yet adopted chip-enabled technologies.

International Country Blocking is the next step in continuing to evolve security measures that help protect you from fraud incidents.

To help protect you from debit card fraud internationally, a new security feature has been applied to your Victory Credit Union Debit Card: International Country Blocking. This added layer of fraud prevention has already proven to reduce fraud incidents.

How it works?
  • We monitor fraud incidents in countries globally and in individual US states, and then apply blocks to countries or
   states that are considered to be high risk. This is a preventative security measure. Blocks are applied based on real-   time information.

  • When a block is applied, Victory Credit Union Debit Cards are not able to process transactions when used in blocked
     countries or states. This protects you if your card was skimmed in Canada and used internationally.

Travel Exclusion Service

Don't forget to add us to your travel prepartation checklist.

Our Travel Exclusion Service is easy and free.

Contact us to ensure we are aware of countries or specific US states you're travelling within. We can bypass possible country or US states blocks in place to help prevent interruption of access to your funds while you are travelling.

How it works?

  • When you notify us of your travel plans, we will bypass country or US state blocks in place for your unique Victory
     Credit Union Debit Card.

  • Your Travel Exclusion Service identifies your date of departure, countries or states being visited and your date     
    of arrival home.

  • Travel Excusions are effective immediately, so there is no waiting.

How do I submit Travel Exclusions?

   • Simply contact us and confirm your travel dates and locations when travelling outside of Canada and   we will contact you to verify your travel details and confirm the travel exclusion has been applied.
    • If you are not able to contact us in-branch or by phone, send us and email and we will contact you to verify your travel details and confirm the travel exclusion has been applied.