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Security Features

The security of your money and data is a top priority at Victory Credit Union. That's why we're proud to offer our members a full suite of unique security features that help keep your money safe, with no interruptions to your online banking.

Wondering if your cyber-security can pass the test? Check out the tips below on how to keep your account information secure:
  • Your passwords are not similar to other active passwords
  • Your log-in information is stored somewhere safely
  • You haven't shared log-in information with another person
  • You lock your phone/computer when not in use

Autodeposit for e-Transfers: Turn on Autodeposit to avoid having to answer security questions and to ensure a more secure experience.
              2-Step Verification: To ensure a log-in, verification codes are provided via text or email at setain logins attempts.
Log-in Security Questions: To make sure its you, we'll ask pre-determind questions at any potentially fraudulent long0ins.

Invisable reCAPTCHA: To make sure you're not a robot, reCAPTCHA is a quick and easy step for safer log-ins.
Lock'N'Block: If you misplaced your debit card, you can lock it temporarily rather than cancelling it.
Online Banking Alerts: Turn on banking alerts to be notified of any important activity on your account.

Get started:

Sign up for online banking, contact us today and we'll get you set up in minutes! To explore security features and set up Online Banking Alerts. Want to bank using your Mobile Device? Download our app. Mobile Banking

For support on accessing online banking or our mobile app contact us.
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