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Financial Literacy 

November is
Financial Literacy Month

This year we aim to rally organizations and individuals across Canada to strengthen the financial leteracy of Canadians and empower them to -manage debt wisely, save for the future and understand your rights and responsibilities.
Take this simple quiz on the gov't of Canada website to see where you stand in Financial Literacy.   Financial Literacy Quiz                            



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Nov 24

Santa Claus Parade of Lights

Parade starts at Fort Edward Mall and travels down Gerrish Street  6:30 pm

Tips & Tricks

Expert Articles

Whether you’re just getting started, or fully engaged in your quest for more information, our expert articles will help shed light on your financial planning questions. What Affects My Credit Report? How is your credit score measured, and how does it affect your ability to secure a loan, get a mortgage, or rent an apartment?

What’s the Right Way to Use Your Credit Card? There are a lot of common missteps and mistakes that are important to steer clear of if you want to keep your credit history clean—and keep yourself out of debt.

Why Track Your Spending Habits? The little things add up – quickly. How much are you spending on snacks or parking? Before you know it you’ve spent hundreds of dollars with very little to show for it. By tracking your spending over 2-3 months, you start to see trends and habits.

How Do You Build a Financial Plan? If you don’t know where you are, or where you want to go, will you know how to get there or when you’ve arrived? Completing this financial planning exercise produces a financial plan snapshot to help get you started.

What is Your Net Worth and What Does It Mean? Today, a positive net worth can sometimes be a challenging goal to reach. Understanding your own personal net worth and the reasons behind it will help you improve your financial position.

Want to Build Your Savings Faster? Understanding your financial position will offer you a sense of how much you can save. Find tips like paying yourself first and spending less than what you earn, along with helpful calculators to get you on track to building your savings faster.

How Can You Pay Down Debt Sooner? Canadian consumer debt has climbed to record levels. Make this the year you take steps to get a handle on your debt load. Find tips to get you started.

Investing 101 - Are you ready to start thinking about investments? Find some questions to consider, like where you can find the money to invest. Answering these questions will help you determine what kind of investment strategy works for you now and in the future.

Ten Questions to Ask Before You Meet with a Financial Expert - When you take the step to set up an appointment with a financial expert, there are ten questions you should ask yourself to prepare for the meeting. Answering these questions will help you accurately describe your financial situation.

Personal Balance Sheet - Capture a snapshot of all of your assets with this easy to use personal balance sheet sample template.

Household Budget Worksheet - Download a sample monthly budget worksheet to help you track your spending.




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